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Why The Big Event Company?

There are many people out there offering what might sound like a similar service which may leave you wondering who to turn to for help. Well, that is a decision only you can make, but hopefully we can help you make the best informed decision you can. We’ve highlighted a few reasons why we are at least worth an initial chat with before you make that big decision on who to work with;

  • 1

    We have built an extensive list of approved suppliers from over the last 12 years. These are people we trust to do a great job which means they have the best equipment, the best event staff, are local to your location and offer the best available value.

  • 2

    We’ve chosen not to own a warehouse full of games because we don’t know what you want. What we do know is that you don’t necessarily want to be recommended just what is available in a warehouse on the day of your event. So you get to choose from anything and indeed everything that is available in the UK events market.

  • 3

    Because we utilise the resources of a number of different suppliers, rather than just one, we get the very best on site event staff they have available on the events we run for our clients. Expecting too many event staff from any one supplier on a busy day will result in less experienced or unsuitable crew that your guests will be interacting with.

  • 4

    We have an unrivalled creative ability at our design studio and workshop resource at our Hertford offices where we can create from scratch an interactive game, prop, banner or any other physical item that you’ve thought of but doesn’t exist yet.

  • 5

    We’ve delivered over 3,000 events in the last 10 years and are able to recommend inspiring venues that will impress your guests and also be a practical space to work with. You won't find this genuine on-site experience in a venue brochure or online search website.

  • 6

    We work around your preferences. If you would like us to do all the donkey work whilst you focus on the creative aspects of the event, then we’ll support you with that. If you would like us to create an inspiring event concept and bring it to life for you, then we’ll do that too. We’ll present you with decisions to make, so you remain in control of your event without you having to spend so much time on it that you can’t fulfil other aspects of your day to day job

  • 7

    We’re an award winning team. Our team have won a number of prestigious industry awards which is evidence of our commitment to being the very best. We’ll put this award winning time and attention into your event too.

  • 8

    Transparent pricing structure. We provide our prices to you in a clear and simple format to help you easily decide which elements to remove if your budget demands it.

  • 9

    We can turn around proposals quickly to get you the information you need when you need it by. This is supported by descriptions, photos and anything else you would find helpful.

  • 10

    A real person will answer your call within 3 rings who will either answer your queries directly or pass you straight on to someone who can. We’re a people business and we try our very best to make your experience with us quick, easy and enjoyable.

  • 11

    If we can’t help, we’ll know who can. We like to help everyone who calls us. If what you want is not something we can help with, we’ll put you in touch with an expert who can.

  • 12

    We have a full time resource of over 30 people all with skill and experience in live events and a passion for creating world class event solutions. This way the people you need to help you will always be available to you.