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Pack Up Your Trunk And Say Hello To The Circus!

I remember a time when going to see the circus meant seeing some creepy clown do backward rolls, a few questionably well-looked after large mammals and lots of spinning plates- yours to take home for a small fortune. I’m not sure when this image of the circus engrained so deeply into my mind but I can tell that today that image could not be further from the new and emerging circus scene. Over the last decade circus shows have become increasingly artistic, flamboyant, musically and visually engaging, and are now a must see event across festivals and venues worldwide.

Last month saw the Roundhouse hosting the increasingly popular Circus Fest- a five week festival filled with bigger, better and more bizarre circus shows than ever before such as naked juggling and hair-hanging amongst the extensive show time list. Over the last few years well renowned acts such as Cantina and Limbo have premiered across London and UK festivals providing their audiences with a sensational cocktail of glamorous vaudeville and scintillating circus routines placed within an atmospheric live music set. Circus acts now travel across the globe pushing the boundaries of what this historic entertainment encompasses, taking you on an incredible journey into the world of acrobatics, magic, dance and live music.

And this circus popularity does not stop at festivals, today there are numerous circus schools and workshops popping up across the city and beyond encouraging the flexible, strong and the brave to take a U-turn in their careers, pack up their trunks and say hello to the circus! But whether for a career change or simply for some fun and fitness, it is easy to see how the circus is so appealing to so many people. The circus arts are a fantastic set of skills to have and to learn, great for strength, flexibility, stamina, dexterity, coordination, and it is also incredibly social.  So with all these fantastic qualities, here at The Big Event Company, we thought it would be the perfect activity for the wonderful world of team building-  don’t worry, there’s no naked juggling involved. Our Urban Circus event is an upbeat, fast-moving, motivational and challenging activity where delegates work together to discover hidden talents, so that on return to work, they approach tasks and projects with an invigorated and infectiously positive attitude.

The event is opened by a vivacious and impressive demonstration by our professional circus performers while the flamboyant ringmaster engages with the audience, placing them in the perfect frame of mind and enlightening them with what activities are to come. This team based circus event gets everyone feather balancing, devil sticking, juggling, extreme Diabloing, low wire walking, stilt walking, rolla bollaing and much more. Teams will even learn some extreme bar skills!

So if, like us, you have been won over by this new wave of circus extraordinaire and would like an injection of Urban Circus in your work place, give us a ring today. This unusual, adrenaline-fuelled event inspires participants to go beyond their personal and shared expectations while at the same time reinforcing your message in an effective and engaging way.

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