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Values Day

What form does it typically take?

The most successful businesses are those that have a strong set of values.  These values should inspire employee behaviour and support day to day decision making.  Executives across the land will be familiar with values setting days, but how many of them can clearly state what their company values are?

To avoid the classic case of ticking the ‘create corporate values’ box and filing them away, it’s essential to revisit your corporate values annually to both ensure they stay relevant to the business and that your team can work by them.

An annual values day may include a range of branded internal communications, presentations, merchandise, plus an engaging shared experience for all involved.  This will ensure that people will understand and remember your corporate values and even more importantly, use them to influence everyday business decisions.

What is it good for?

Staff Motivation

As part of a cultural change programme

Rewarding your staff for a job well done

How has it worked for other people?