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Open to the Public

What form does it typically take?

Public events present the opportunity to utilise wonderful spaces in a creative and different way. These events enable you to entertain thousands of people on a single day or weekend making it a cost effective way to get your message across in a thoughtful and appreciative way.

A Christmas themed Winter Wonderland or a Summer Fun Bonanza fit the most popular months for this style of event. Transforming a space into a themed activity area will add to the impact and guest experience.  We’ll ensure you have the appropriate number and range of activities to cater for all ages whilst minimising queuing time.

You might like to consider adding a charitable element to the day and promote a local charity with fundraising games and activities. We will work with you to ensure the event is well published to your target group to maximise attendance and help you to promote values and key messages on the day.

What is it good for?

Promoting community values

Thanking the community for their patience

   during a large local project

Raising awareness of important local issues

Giving something back

How has it worked for other people?