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Office Launch

What form does it typically take?

A new office forms a great opportunity to revitalise the staff and create a buzz around your brand. A new office should be a cause for celebration, it is an essential PR event and a great opportunity to develop client relationships further.  Both your clients and staff will leave your offices with a renewed confidence.

Some fantastic ideas we can implement for office parties have included an event at the weekend with family members invited to join in with the celebrations, a secret treasure trail ending up at the new office location, an event that utilises different areas of the site to help with staff familiarisation, an event that enables the team to contribute artwork to the new space…there are countless options and ideas to consider.

An office opening is a rare and special occasion and presents an opportunity to mark this ‘moment in time’.  We have the expertise and experience to ensure you create lasting memories to drive you on the next step of your company’s journey.

What is it good for?

– Staff motivation

– Celebrating success

– As part of a cultural change programme

How has it worked for other people?