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Internal Brand Launch

What form does it typically take?

This is the perfect style of event if your team recently merged with another department or company, or if you were thinking of implementing a new set of company values.  It will also help you launch a new sales incentive scheme or challenge your existing work culture and more.

The above scenarios are just a few examples of when you want your team to commit to a new message.  The key is to inspire individuals to positively change their behaviour in everything they do in and around the workplace.

We call it employee engagement.

With the creative input from our Hertford Research & Design centre, we are able to design programmes that involve people in a participative and interactive way. The results are accelerated employee engagement leading to transformational changes to your business. 

What is it good for?

– Engaging staff in new internal initiative

– Educating staff around a new process or procedure

– Launching corporate values to the team

– Accelerating merging teams towards high performance

How has it worked for other people?