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Company Anniversary

What form does it typically take?

Many companies make the most of the opportunity to recognise key milestones as a means to reward and re-focus their teams. The benefits of such a celebration are many; with positive implications across clients, employees, suppliers and investor groups. Using the activity as a media event will strengthen corporate identity, boost employee morale, grow client relationships and raise community profile.

The celebration can extend much further than simply years of existence, including honouring products, departments, initiatives and more. Festivities can last from a single day to a year-long programme of live event activity to fully engage all stakeholders and maximise the benefits of the investment.

If you feel like your company needs a general boost in productivity, a refocus on a core vision or value, or an opportunity to reward and motivate your employees, then you should consider the benefits of a company-wide anniversary event.

What is it good for?

– Celebrating significant achievements

– Boosting employee morale

– Staff appreciation

How has it worked for other people?