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Community Profile Raiser

What form does it typically take?

We’ve helped a Media company transform the gardens of the elderly, a children’s book publisher upgrade school play areas, a finance firm decorate a community sailing centre, a medical market research firm run market stalls to raise money for the homeless, a venue group turn their conference centre into a castle for a Burn’s night fund raiser, a housing company planting a plot at a local nursery school amongst others.

The most effective events are those that enable you to bring your team together to share key corporate messages in a fun and meaningful way.  The key is to understand your message, your team and the local community and then bring it all together with an inspirational experience that motivates your team and helps real people in real need.

And by inspiring your colleagues in this way, you’ll notice a positive difference in their attitudes and commitment back in the workplace.

What is it good for?

– Staff motivation

– Developing relationships within your team

– Promoting your brand in your local community

– Giving your colleagues a real feel good factor

How has it worked for other people?