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Case Study

Internal Brand Launch

Their Requirements

BP were looking to launch and engage 1000 members of their North Sea site in Aberdeen with a core value aimed at challenging and changing the existing working culture. BP also wanted to promote the Diversity and Inclusion affinity groups and support networks available to their employees.

Our Involvement

We were asked to design and build a creative installation that included a host of fun and interactive exhibits that appealed to different learning styles. The content was provocative to encourage delegates to interact, which included videos of actors expressing the views of BP employees from earlier interviews.

We built a large scale atrium activity that included a graffiti wall, hi-tech scribble pads, interactive projection and thought provoking games. All elements were beautifully constructed to fit with the existing surroundings and were on an appropriate scale to cater for 1000 delegates in a relatively short space of time.


β€œIt’s evident that the success of this event was only made possible by the energy and expertise that the team brought to making it happen. It has been particularly heartening to hear all the positive comments that people had about their attendance and participation.” BP

Key Objectives

  • Challenge the existing work culture

  • Engage 1000 team members with their core values

  • Promote affinity groups and support networks

The Results

Delegate feedback was resoundingly positive. It was commented that the interactive nature of the learning experience was compelling, different and unique enabling delegates to better understand and remember the messages and ultimately take positive actions to change their future behaviour. Delegates also expressed how uplifting it was to hear the positive messages those employees shared about who has inspired them at BP.