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Case Study

Company Festival

Their Requirements

As preferred suppliers, we were asked to design and manage a high end festival event. This included coordinating other companies in the preferred supplier event services list and the supermarkets own suppliers who sponsor elements of the event. The festival is organised for a specific department as a reward for the high performing team’s successes over the year. It’s also a great showcase of a number of top retail brands that are integral to the supermarkets on-going success. The Supermarket Chain needed a company with the experience, track record and creativity to design and deliver a fantastic high end festival experience for their guests.

Our Involvement

We designed and delivered all elements of the festival event from start to finish. This included working with the clients preferred supplier for travel and accommodation to ensure that guests had a place to stay after the event at one of the selected overflow hotels in the locality, plus a means to get there safely.

Infrastructure elements that we brought in included a stunning selection of designer temporary structures, ultra-low noise generators, professional on site security and a unique ambient lighting solution that enabled the partying to continue long into the night without a hitch.

We also had direct responsibility for liaising with the Supermarket’s top end suppliers to broker sponsorship for the event that included a fun activity and an opportunity to show off their goods. These included the likes of Veuve Clicquot, Peroni, Red Bull, Foxes, Ben & Jerry’s, Old El Paso and a number of high-class cosmetic brands amongst others.

Live music and comedy on the main stage and a host of interactive experiences ensured revellers had a truly memorable time.


“It’s quite often that people decide to comment when things go wrong but rarely when they exceed expectations and your team really have! Your collaborative approach was a pleasure to work with and I only wish I had more events to manage so that I could get you involved. You feel more like colleagues and team members than suppliers - I will genuinely miss working with you now the event has been and gone. It is so rare to find a group of people who are fun to work with yet totally focused at delivering at the same time.”

Key Objectives

  • An event to demonstrate the companies appreciation to their hard working teams

  • To increase morale and motivation within the team

  • To have fun together outside of the office

The Results

As a mark of the success of the event, we experienced attendance rates of over 95% which is unheard of with this type of non-compulsory corporate event. Further evidence of success is the fact that we've been brought back in to deliver the event for a fourth consecutive year.